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Medicare Insurance

Whether you're currently on Medicare or on the brink of turning 65 and eligible for Medicare, we can help guide you every step of the way. We work with many major insurance companies to represent you and ensure that you're in the best Medicare solution that fits your health care needs.


Health Insurance

If you work for a company who doesn't provide employer benefits, or you're self-employed and have to provide your own benefits, we here to assist you every step of the way. We will ensure whatever subsidies you qualify for towards your health insurance you receive. In addition to this we have plans that fits many budgets and family sizes.


Life Insurance

Life insurance is never a fun topic to discuss, but the alternative of not being prepared for your loved ones is worse. We work with over a dozen A+ rated life insurance companies to help provide you the right solution to not only fit your coverage needs but also your budget. Don't wait to protect your loved ones because they're counting on you.


Small Business Insurance

Being a business owner can be hard, but keeping quality talent doesn't have to be. We have the ability to help you setup group health, dental, vision. This process is streamlined by allowing your employees to pick and choose the plans that best fit their needs. Also, as the business owner you not only position yourself to keep quality talent, but you also set yourself up for business tax right offs from your contributions.


Dental Insurance

Major dental procedures can cost a fortune, usually we find this out when it's too late, when we're in the dental office. Often times the employer dental plans you have are not as good as you may have thought, and you don't know where to turn. We have dental plans that cover up to $10,000 in comprehensive coverage and cover things like implants, root canals, dentures, fillings and many others.


Vision Insurance

Nothing is worse than not being able to see and visiting and optometrist who advertises 2 pair of glasses for $99 and you end up walking out with a bill for $500. Many people have experienced that same situation, but you don't have too anymore. With our dental plans they provide a frame and/or contact lenses allowance, in addition to that the exam copays are low, and the plans are affordable whether it's for an individual or family.

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